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Sell Your Stuff to us for Cash on the spot

Got unwanted items ? Need cash in a hurry?
Well we will buy your unwanted goods for cash over the counter.
We will buy anything of value so look around your home and bring it in and we will make you an offer.

We consider the following:

  • The age of the product has it been used much.
  • The condition of the item, i.e. is it scratched, dirty or is it damaged.
  • Is the item in good working order.
  • Is it in original condition with relevant paperwork, i.e. manuals, original packaging, valuations or warranty.

If you have any unwanted items just bring them to our store and we will give you the best possible price. Its hassle free and you walk away with cash in hand.
All we require is your 100 points of ID.

and loans are as follows...

For Loans against your good's

howitworksTo take advantage of our cash loans bring your items to 233B Main Road Toukley.

You can discuss with us the amount of money required and we will value your item(s) for adequate security.

You must provide the necessary identification 100 point ID combined with any authentic evidence as to who owns the goods that you are offering for security.

If you are a representative selling or pawning goods on behalf of the owner, you will need authentic evidence from the owner that you can legally act on their behalf.

Once an amount has been agreed upon a receipt will be issued for the pawn agreement (pawn ticket) in the case of cash loans.

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toukley pawn broker 17
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Great customer service, friendly staff they're pretty fair with their loan offers and good prices on the stuff they sell. I highly recommend!

Brett Watson


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